A 9th Annual, One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 7th June 2023

Excite Shoppers, Monetise Business-Critical Consumer & Retailing Insights & Withstand The Cost-Of-Living Crisis With

Refreshed & Profitable Food & Drink Trends & Value-Driven, Consumer-First Innovations

Create Growth, Captivate Consumers & Capitalise On The Latest Shopper Trends Around Sustainability, Health, Plant-Based, Price & Ingredients With Insight-Driven Innovations & NPD & Pioneering Marketing For Sky-High Sales

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Stefanie Sahmel, Head of Sustainability, Abel & Cole

Monetise The Latest Trends & Mitigate Inflation



09.20 Combat The Pressure To Reduce Prices With A Focus On Quality & Value-For-Money Strategies That Meet Changing Trends & Consumer Values For Trailblazing Innovations That Consumers Crave

  • How are existing trends evolving with the backdrop of the recession and cost-of-living crisis? As your consumers will be looking to spend less money, what products will they be prioritising?
  • Stay ahead of the curve and translate consumerism, premiumisation, moderation and global trends into scalable business models to create long-lasting, profitable opportunities
  • Brexit, Covid-19 and now a recession… how is the hospitality industry and out-of-home eating sectors preparing for the challenging months ahead and proactively working towards a more stable and secure future?

Lee Boakes, NPD Director, Huel

Jamie Ball, Director – Customer Development, McCain Foods

Mark Donovan, Botanicals, Flavours & Innovation Director, Tata Consumer

Peter Waugh, Digital Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland

Zoe Simons, Partner & Senior Brand and Innovation Development Chef, Waitrose & Partners



09.50 On Course For 2030: Discover The Next Pioneering Steps Towards Circularity & Net Zero Where The Whole Industry Can Work Together To Meet Consumer Demands For A Truly Sustainable Future

  • Can the cost-of-living crisis be an enabler for more sustainable consumption? Use your brand image to showcase how to maximise leftovers, minimise waste, and utilise seasonal and local ingredients to drive cost-effective sustainability
  • Critical consumer insights uncovered! Where does sustainability stand in consumer priorities today? How does a product labelled as ‘sustainable’ influence consumer purchasing decisions cross-category?
  • Plastic reduction, tick – so what’s next? Champion sustainability throughout the entire supply chain by rethinking business models and examining production at each stage of development

Matt Bowler, Sales Director, Finlays

Health & Wellbeing



10.10 Wellness, Moderation, Gut Health, Immunity & Anti-Diet Culture: Refresh & Renew Your Product Strategies By Capitalising On The Latest Health Trends Which Captivate Consumers & Skyrocket Sales

  • Analyse the evolving perceptions of health and wellness and what claims are resonating with consumers for targeted, on-trend strategies
  • Get ahead of the curve with innovative ingredients which reduce fat and sugar content in line with HFSS regulations, without sacrificing on cost, quality, and taste
  • Leverage your products with added indulgence, economic and environmental benefits for improved traction and profitability

Sarah Bull, Head of Development, Bakkavor Ltd

Vineeta Anuj, Head of Customer, Mindful Chef

10.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.10 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Driving Value & Premiumisation

NEW FOR 2023!

11.40 Value VS. Price! Analyse What Value & Premium Means To Every Customer Segment To Deliver Affordable & Quality Options At Every Price Tier & Support Price-Sensitive Consumers

  • Support the most price-sensitive consumers with top tips on cost-effective ways of cooking, using leftovers and seasonal products and minimising waste to drive value for money and customer loyalty
  • Navigating price pressures! How can businesses balance the pressure to keep prices down whilst maintaining high quality products for consumers?
  • Explore critical insights into the latest premiumisation and consumerism trends to satisfy consumer cravings for indulgence

Dave Wright, Category Development Lead, SPAR UK

Plant-Based Innovations



12.00 Less ‘Fake’, Functional & Full Of Flavour… Chef’s Kiss! Discover Game-Changing Technologies & Ingredients Which Are Transforming Plant-Based Trends With Mass Appeal

  • Critical questions answered: what are the key drivers behind the plant-based market now? Will the bubble burst? Where is this trend going next?
  • Explore the new technologies and research helping to uncover new insights around fortification, functionality, plant-based proteins, and raw materials to boost excitement in the category
  • Optimise sales and reach the mass market with links to health trends, the demand for sustainability and value for money in your production and marketing

Christian Binney, Food Development Director, Burger King UK

Mark Haynes, Co-Founder, Soak’d Oats

Maunela Borella, VP Global Plant-Based Strategy & Business Acceleration, DANONE

Paul Brown, Founder, Bol

Jo Hill, Co-Founder, One Planet Pizza

Siddhi Mehta, Founder, Rhythm 108

Matt Done, General Manager UK, Planted

12.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.25 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Channel Delivery
  2. Low & No
  3. Global Insights
  4. New Technology

14.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Johan Sanders, Chief Product Officer, Dawn Food

Retailers Insights & Shopper Behaviours

14.10 Embed Retailer & Consumer-Centric Insights At Every Stage Of Development & Channel Delivery To Satisfy Consumers & Retailers Alike & Ensure Your Products Fly Off The Shelves

  • Leverage the latest consumer insights and shopper behaviour data to decipher how people make decisions in those purchase moments today to inspire future strategies, maximise shopper experiences and ultimately boost profits
  • Delve into the opportunity of increased at-home-dining with a balance of value and premium product options that appeal to all budgets
  • The decline of online? During the pandemic, online shopping skyrocketed but have we moved on from that, what does the future look like from a retailer perspective?

Winning NPD


14.30 The Secret Sauce: Excite & Delight Consumers With Brand New Innovations & NPD Which Focuses On Affordability, Quality & Joy To Stay Competitive & Drive ROI

  • Uncover game-changing end-to-end strategies which maximise efficiencies and reduce costs long-term with the latest technologies, alternative ingredients, and agile production
  • How can you create and maintain a USP in a crowded market? Explore innovative ways of improving the consumer experience, without changing your product, through packaging, branding, offers, collaborations and more
  • There are still new opportunities to innovate! Bring the out-of-home dining experience home with restaurant-quality innovations for profit-boosting results

Janine Shilleto, Senior Buying Manager – Red Meat & Fish, Asda

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Ingredients, Taste & Texture



Stand Out On Shelves & Appeal To The Sensory Seekers With The Latest Flavours & Ingredients That Are Tasty, Functional, Affordable & Of High Quality

  • Which food and drink flavours and ingredients that are tickling tastebuds around the globe in 2023? How can they be implemented into your strategies?
  • Sourcing difficulties! Despite a challenging global environment amplified by the cost-of-living crisis, unlock practical and innovative solutions to supply chain issues and find alternative sources to survive and thrive in this turbulent economy
  • Explore the hottest ingredients you should be innovating with today to meet consumer demands for functional plant-based products and health-focused foods with added nutrients and premium yet delicious flavours

15.50 Julie Stevens, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland, Mission Foods UK Ltd.

16.10 Catherine Hinchcliff, Head of Corporate Marketing, Marketing & Insights, Bidfood UK

Marketing Success

16.30 Outshine Competition, Connect With The Consumer, Create A Positive Impact & Thrive In The Face Of Adversity With Business-Critical Insights & Creative Marketing Campaigns

  • Tap into consumer emotions with brand new opportunities in eating and drinking moments on the most effective platforms to drive loyalty and maximise customer retention
  • When budgets are tight, how can you be more efficient and effective with the resources you have?
  • Learn from the past! How can you maximise previous times of economic uncertainty to analyse shopper behaviours and navigate through challenging economic times?

Manuel Orive Guajardo, Global Brand Director, Tequila & Mezcal, Proximo Spirits

Chef Insights


16.50 Gemma Benford, Head of Customer & Channel Marketing, Bidfood UK

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks