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The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference Programme Page

On-Trend, Best-Selling Products & Attention-Grabbing Marketing Which Capitalise On The Latest Market, Consumer & Retailing Insights For Profitable Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Which Excite Shoppers & Fly Off The Shelves

Exploit Emerging Health, Ingredient & International Trends To Boost Sales With Cutting-Edge, Consumer-Focused NPD, Packaging, Social Media, Shopper Marketing & Communications Strategies.

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting
8.00 ICON
09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Danielle Bekker
Global Product & Process Innovation Director
AB InBev


09.15 Game-Changing Current & Emerging Trends: Which Key Food & Drink Trends Will Power Long-Term Successful Product Innovation?

  • Evaluating which food and drink trends will impact the industry in 2018 and beyond for insight-led, fit-for-the future products and campaigns
  • From small take-aways to range-changing decisions: cost-effectively translating long-term trends to your business strategy for stand-out, exciting products which fly off the shelves
  • Maybe fads aren’t all bad? What tweaks can you make to your marketing or products for quick wins and increased brand engagement?
  • How are changing consumer demographics and shopping habits impacting the food and drink landscape?
  • Excel in a competitive industry for innovative NPD by accelerating your ability to evaluate which trends best complement your business

Tammy Butterworth
Global R&D Manager

Thomas Cropper
Managing Director
Tuk In Foods - Innovator

Rob Martineau
Head of Product
Tribe - Innovator

Michael Minch-Dixon
Snact - Innovator


09.45 Investigating Changing Health Trends, Preferences & Lifestyles For Health Products, Ingredients & Claims Which Resonate With Consumers

  • A look at evolving health trends; what is their longevity in terms of investment and sales and what can we expect in the future?
  • Which nutritional ingredients and flavours will really sell? What are the hottest current replacement ingredients for healthier products, which still maintain high quality and taste?
  • How to achieve clear labelling, fulfil popular health claims and produce trusted products which sell time and time again
  • From following health trends out of requirement to ‘free-from’ lifestyle choices, coupled with an increasing focus on health generally, which health trends are here to stay and what’s next to hit the market?

Danielle Bekker
Global Product & Process Innovation Director
AB InBev


10.05 From ‘Free From’ To Meat Free! Investigating Shifts, Patterns & Trends Between Health Food Choices & Lifestyle Trends To Deliver Claims & Products Which Meet Evolving Consumer Requirements

  • Vegan, clean label, high protein, low carb: what are the long- and short-term health trends to watch?
  • As the definition of healthy foods broadens, how can manufacturers ascertain exactly what ‘health’ means to consumers and deliver increased healthy or health-perceived choices?
  • Identifying what will be the next trend to emerge as health food options evolve to cater to different alternative diets
  • From functional ingredients to health claims – what is the ROI of catering to a wider range of diets and lifestyles?

Bonus Session

Navdeep Heer
Senior Marketing Manager

Derek Sarno
Chef-Director of Plant Based Innovation

Pippa Murray
Pip & Nut

Damien Kennedy
Wheyhey - Innovator

Steve Walpole
Head of Food
Ugo Foods Group

Damien Lee, CEO & Founder, Mr Lee's Pure Foods Co - Innovator


10.35 Morning Refreshments With Informal Networking

A) Vegetarian

Carolin Hackenberg
Global Marketing Manager
Tate & Lyle

B) Ingredients

C) Fibre

D) Protein

E) Nutrients


11.05 Appeal To Consumers With Sustainable, Low-Cost, High-Impact Packaging Innovations Which Attract Attention & Maximise Sales

Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Circular Economy Lead
Marks & Spencer

11.25 Bonus Session

Stuart Grant
Research Director
Impact Research Ltd


11.55 Capitalise On International Influences To Deliver Exciting, Range-Boosting Products, Recognise New Markets & Get To Grips With The Challenges Of Import & Export Following Brexit

  • Inspiration from around the world: from the US to Asia to Europe, which international flavours and ingredients are really taking off and what will translate well into your business and to the British and European palate?
  • What are the concerns and opportunities for Brexit? Will customers be looking for locally-sourced, British products and how can we prepare for the impact on international trade?
  • Recognising potential prospects for successful export and import and overcoming hurdles to expansion into new markets and international launches

Cathy Kidd
Global Marketing Director
Kerry Foods

Hannah Ingram-Moore
Head of B2B
Whittard of Chelsea


12.25 Tying Together The Latest Health, Flavour & Ingredient Trends To Deliver Stand-Out NPD & Insight-Led Products Which Excite Shoppers & Fly Off The Shelves

  • What can we do to accelerate our NPD to keep pace with changing consumer demands?
  • Functional ingredients to fermentation: leveraging industry clues to forecast emerging consumer-driven trends in NPD
  • From concept to launch: mission-critical steps to produce successful, revenue-rewarding products and how to overcome commercial complexities to minimise costs and risks
  • There is always something new on the shelf; how to make innovation continually appear innovative!

Mark Cummings
Head of Stills & Innovation
Coca-Cola European Partners

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers



13.15 During The Lunch Break


A) How To Make Consumers Pay More For Innovation

  • Innovation launching above the category average price point has twice the change of succeeding – KANTAR WORLDPANEL
  • What makes consumers willingly pay more when trust in brands is actually falling?
  • Is marketing gloss and fancy packaging enough to create added value?
  • How can the product work harder?
  • Get the findings from MMR’s latest research project drawing on over 3000 U.K participants

Andrew Wardlaw
Director of Insight
MMR Research Worldwide

B) Vegan & Meat Free

Derek Sarno
Chef-Director of Plant Based Innovation

C) Gluten Free

D) Health Claims & Functional Ingredients

13.45 Afternoon Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


13.55 What Are Chefs Predicting For 2018 & Beyond? Trends, Ingredients & Flavours To Monetise For Exciting, On-Trend & Best-Selling Products

Rohintan Christian
Senior Sous Chef

Fred Ponnovoy
Head Chef

Steve Love
Principal Research Chef

Candice Moyo
Head Chef
Yo! Sushi

Derek Sarno
Chef-Director of Plant Based Innovation

Jamie Evangelou
Group Head Chef
Unique Hospitality

Bruno Pires
Executive Chef
Wrap it up!

Szymon Grzanka
Pastry Head Chef
Kai Mayfair


14.25 First-Hand Retailing Insights Into Emerging Consumer Trends, Gaps In The Market & Brand Engagement Opportunities For Commercial Success & Collaboration In The UK Food & Drink Marketplace

  • What patterns are retailers spotting as shopper habits and channel choices change and how can we as an industry anticipate consumer preferences?
  • We all want to boost sales! Best-practice advice for retailer-manufacturer collaboration on product and marketing strategies for increased sales and range growth
  • Exploring the thought process behind product innovations and claims that are currently appealing to buyers, which products make the cut and identifying the gaps they’d love to see filled
  • Closing the loop to leverage retailer insights and shape NPD strategies for retailer-aligned offerings buyers want to stock

Hannah Squirrell
Customer Director

Jamie Seymour
Customer Manager – Fresh & Frozen
The Co-operative Group

Tim Stilwell
Founder & CEO
Burrito Kitchen

14.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner: To get involved in The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference, please email info@foodanddrinkconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for more details.


15.25 Afternoon Refreshment With Informal Networking

A) Natural & Clean Label

B) Flavours

C) Fats

D) Salt

E) Social Media

Hannah Squirrell
Customer Director


15.55 Harness Up-To-The-Minute Shopper Trends For Insight-Led Shopper Marketing Which Influences Point Of Sale Decision Making Online & In-Store

  • Translate customer shopping habits and product preferences into targeted online messaging and in-store campaigns which turn heads
  • Keep up to date with changing and adapting marketing trends; with the rise of online and technology, how can companies deliver targeted, sophisticated consumer content?
  • Online shopping – what are the crucial shopper trends in this rapidly expanding channel?

Mark Pettigrew
Director Format, Space & Range
The Co-operative Group


16.15 Insight-Led Snacking, Impulse & Convenience Meal Occasions: Turn The Hottest Trends & Innovations Into Profits & Identify What Consumers Really Want From Food-To-Go

  • Same consumers, different shop – determining what is a winning product in a convenience store and what shoppers expect from convenience food in 2018 and beyond
  • What opportunities are there to merge leading trends such as health and ingredients to food-on-the-go innovation?
  • Food-on-the-go that’s fast, convenient and affordable! With a rise in health trends – achieve fresh and natural convenience products that sel
  • Explore progressions in snacking foods; what are the hottest consumer trends?
  • Innovate packaging appearance and functionality for the convenience and food-to-go format

John Want
Marketing Director
Adelie Foods


16.35 Innovative Social Media Strategies To Capture Consumer Attention & Boost Brand Excitement For Maximised Sales & Conversions

  • Keep pace with current food trends on social media to produce foodie-enticing content which stops the scroll and encourages the click
  • What types of content work best to capture consumer attention, deliver your brand message and showcase your product?
  • Top tips for influencer marketing and collaboration to build authentic influencer marketing and heighten consumer interest in your products
  • With social media evolving at an astonishing rate, what’s coming next for social marketing in the food and drink industry?

Gareth Turner
Director of Marketing
Arla Foods

16.55 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

PLUS! Don't Miss The Pre-Conference Day: Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations, Asia House, Central London, 16th May 2018

Creating Profitable & Engaging Packaging Offerings With Insights Into The Latest Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations: Recycling & Sustainability • Attention-Grabbing Packaging • Packaging Functionality & Formats • Messaging & Marketing • Packaging Innovations

09.15 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.45 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair and Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Circular Economy Lead
Marks & Spencer

Tom Stone
Brand Business Leader


10.00 Cost-Effective, Functional & Recyclable Packaging Alternatives Which Satisfy Sustainably-Conscious Consumers & Fulfil Eco-Friendly Business Ethics

  • How do your packaging choices impact shopper decision-making processes – especially when it comes to recyclable or biodegradable packaging?
  • Weighing up the financial viability of choosing eco-friendly packaging alternatives: how great are the anticipated returns, costs incurred and possible savings?
  • Glass, paper, metal, cork, plastics… considering the carbon footprint and recyclability of varying packaging options to ascertain the best fit for your business and products
  • Are there any quick wins or straight swaps out there which compare on functionality and price?

Rob Thompson
Packaging Technologist
The Co-op


10.30 Stand Out On The Shelf With Attention-Grabbing Packaging Innovations Which Promote Your Brand In-Store
Don’t let your packaging let your product down! Engaging shoppers in-store and triggering purchases with best-in-class product presentation which keeps pace with packaging evolution, grabs attention.

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break & Informal Networking


11.30 Reinvigorate Your Range With Innovative Product Delivery Formats & Robust Functional Packaging

  • From new lip gloss applicators to baby food pouches to ‘tear ’n’ share’ bags: boost consumer interest with packaging innovations which increase ergonomic product function and delivery
  • How do packaging formats differ per shopping channel? Exploring the different packaging options for convenience vs. online vs. main store
  • save on costs with new materials, formats and breakage-reducing packaging while maintaining the integrity of your products

12.00 Attention-Grabbing Packaging

Justin Kempson
Sales & Innovation Director,
Charpak Ltd

12.15 Lunch and Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

12.45 Breakout Sessions During Lunch

A) Single Serve

B) New Packaging Formats

C) International Influence

D) Natural Materials

E) Premium/Luxury

F) Convenience/Food-To-Go Packaging

13.15 Afternoon Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


13.30 Best-In-Class Packaging Messages Which Engage Consumers & Effectively Convey Ingredients, Nutrition & Product Claims

  • From natural and clean label to salt and sugar content; on-trend messaging which ensures your packaging showcases your product innovation and piques consumer interest
  • Bring your product claims to life in the aisle with packaging colours, themes and designs which reflect the latest trends and embody your claims
  • How do you best display your messages, information, ingredients or allergens to stand out or appeal to consumers in a clear, and effective, way?

14.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner: To get involved in The Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations Conference, please email info@packaginginnovations.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for more details.


14.30 Staying One Step Ahead By Identifying The Next Hot Trends & Concepts For Fit-For-Future Packaging Which Attracts Attention

  • Keeping an eye on evolving packaging trends to spot quick, easy and cost-effective ideas which maintain a competitive edge and brand Recognition
  • From bento lunch boxes to cute Korean beauty items, what are the international trends sweeping into the UK?
  • Taking inspiration from other industries, how can you translate new, innovative concepts to your own products?
  • What are going to be the key materials of the future?
  • How is the consumer consciousness around packaging evolving – and what can we do as manufacturers to keep one step ahead of the game?

Rita Janoshazi
Senior Packaging Development Manager
Nomad Foods Europe – Bird’s Eye

Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Circular Economy Lead
Marks & Spencer

Tom Stone
Brand Business Leader

Rob Thompson
Packaging Technologist
The Co-op

Further speakers to be announced

15.00 Closing Keynote Presentation

15.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.00 Official Close Of Pre-Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly-confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference, please call +44 (0)203 479 2299 or email info@foodanddrinkconference.com.

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