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Please Make Sure You Test Your Tech Before The Conference Starts! 09.00 (BST)

Accessing The Virtual Event Platform Is Easiest On Chrome & On Personal Devices & Networks. You Should Now Have Received Your Airmeet Link To Join The Virtual Platform. If Not, Please Call Us On +44 (0)20 3479 2299.

Please Take A Moment To Download The Event App BEFORE The Conference Starts (See Below). To Check Your Tech Before The Event, Click Here >>

Any Tech Teething Issues? Quick Tech Fixes Before We Start!?

Don’t miss a thing! Please take a moment to download the mobile phone app BEFORE the event starts in case you do have tech issues with your main device so you can still participate whilst we resolve any potential issues. (Search for Airmeet on the IOS App Store or Play Store and enter your link to access the event.). It is quicker to contact us directly, than post on the discussion board if you are having problems! Please call us on +44 (0) 203 479 2299, email support@airmeet.com203 479 2299, or access the 24/7 support lounge here.

Remember Chrome and home devices and networks work best.

For Sound/Video issues try:
·       Refreshing the page
·       Clicking out and back in on the agenda tab
·       Logging out and back into the site
·       Check PC is not muted and connected to headphones

Please kindly check the Troubleshooting tab before the conference starts to try and avoid the most common access issues (usually on private settings etc).

Don't Miss Our Brand New Speaker Line Up: Waitrose, Deliveroo, Premier Foods & More... 20 Speakers, 4 Retailers & 3 Interactive Panel Discussions, 1 Week To Go!

Sky-Rocket Sales, Excite Shoppers & Showcase Your Brand With Consumer-Driven, New, Profitable Food & Drink Trends, Innovations & NPD: Take The Industry By Storm! Capitalise On The Latest Consumer, Retail, Health, Plant-Based, Ingredients, Sustainability & Packaging Trends For On-Point NPD, Attention-Grabbing Marketing & Game-Changing Innovations. 8th Annual, One-Day, Virtual Conference,  21st September 2021  @FoodTrendsConf 
For Group Discounts, Please Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for details. PLUS: New Tried & Tested Interactive Platform!

20 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Share Business-Critical Insights to Monetise Latest Consumer & Retailing Trends For Innovative NPD & Attention-Grabbing Marketing: From Pioneering Plant-Based Alternatives, To Promoting Health & Wellness, Championing Sustainability, Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges & Showcasing Ingredients & Flavours

  1. Monetise The Hottest New Trends & Game-Changing Innovations: Lucrative consumer and retailing trends for trailblazing NPD and attention-grabbing marketing
  2. NPD Success From Concept To Launch! Make your mark with in-demand products and campaigns to stay ahead of the curve
  3. Win Big With On-Trend Plant-Based Innovations: Monetise the movement by delivering on customer expectations, broadening
    your appeal and captivating consumers
  4. Business-Critical Shifts In Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviour: Profit-boosting strategies which align your product offering and marketing with evolving behaviours today
  5. Unstoppable Health, Wellness & Nutrition Trends: Refreshing product and formulation solutions to satisfy consumer demand for
    healthier diets and eating habits
  6. Cost-Effective Sustainable Products & Greener Packaging: Increase your green offering with sustainable and plastic-free
    alternatives to boost brand image and loyalty
  7. Stand-Out With Captivating Marketing & Comms: Boost brand and product success with engaging and exciting marketing campaigns which demand attention!
  8. Must-Have Ingredients & Flavours To Sky-Rocket Sales: High-profit, exciting ingredients, textures and flavours for tasty and exciting product offerings

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How Does The Virtual Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference Work?

Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels

Connect & Network - Networking is easy with the use of our discussion board, direct messaging facility, meeting request buttons, live polling and social media feed. Have your say and meet the other attendees

Live Chat - Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time

Virtual Roundtables & Peer Discussions - There will be breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience

Virtual Exhibition - Explore the 'virtual exhibition stands' and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly

Virtual Face-To-Face Meetings - Start a conversation with fellow delegates or exhibitors and discuss your individual needs and challenges one-to-one

It’s Easy! All you need is good internet access and a password which we will provide. Presentations and panels are live, and you can type in questions, take part in live polling and also comment on the social feed. For any breakout discussions, it’s just a normal zoom call. You can also direct message or request a meeting with attendees. Sessions will be recorded and will be available as on-demand content after the event.

PLUS! What's New At The 8th Annual Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference?

  • 8 Years Of Fresh, New Insights & Innovative Brand Case Studies
  • Profitable, New Food & Drink Trends!
  • 4 Retailer Perspectives
  • International Perspectives
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Open Q&A: A) Hot Trends & Innovations B) New Health Trends C) Latest Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviours
  • 5 Peer-To-Peer Discussions: A) Covid Impact B) Sugar Reduction C) Sustainability Sells D) Alcohol Trends E) Brand DNA

Now Is Your Chance To Get Involved In The Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference!
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Can You Help Brands Monetise The Latest Food & Drink Trends & Produce Profit-Boosting NPD? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Here's What Previous Sponsors Of Our Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conferences Have To Say:

20 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Hot Trends & Innovations • New NPD Success • Plant-Based • New Health Trends • Sustainability • Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviours • Coronavirus Lessons Learned • Stand-Out Marketing & Comms • Packaging Innovation • Must-Have Ingredients & Flavours • Product Innovation

Sky-Rocket Sales, Excite Shoppers & Showcase Your Brand With Consumer-Driven, New, Profitable Food & Drink Trends, Innovations & NPD: Take The Industry By Storm! Capitalise On The Latest Consumer, Retail, Health, Plant-Based, Ingredients, Sustainability & Packaging Trends For On-Point NPD, Attention-Grabbing Marketing & Game-Changing Innovations. 8th Annual, One-Day, Industry-Led, Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 21st September 2021@FoodTrendsConf . Group Discounts Available! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for details.

Please See Below For The Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference Programme Outline. For The Full Agenda, Click Here.