Blue Yonder is the world’s expert R&D insight agency. For the past 20 years, Blue Yonder has focused on partnering FMCG innovation and commercial teams to create winning innovation. It has worked with some of the UK’s most famous food brands.

Blue Yonder supports innovation across the full R&D process:

  • Igniting pipelines: Examining markets, products and experiences in precise detail. Where and how to innovate to get and edge. 
  • Develop winning products: Agile testing for ideas and products globally. HUTs, CLTs, Shopper. Wherever you need your product to succeed, Blue Yonder creates agile tests to make sure it works. 
  • Deliver to market: Building and validating the right claims to win in market, Shopper testing, Shelf planogram testing, in market feedback post launch. 


‘Innovation in insight’. Blue Yonder invests at least 10% of profit in research tech innovation annually. As well as helping clients create winning innovation, Blue Yonder loves to create its own. It’s the company’s ethos. It’s also fun! 

Blue Yonder also owns Sense:lab, the UK’s newest product testing and viewing facility ( For those on a tight budget or with in house analytics capability, Sense:lab offers high quality fieldwork and data only service utilising its own 10k strong UK panel.

TraceGains is revolutionising supply chain agility for food and beverage brands around the globe, through an innovative Networked Ingredients Marketplace. The ability for ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to seamlessly connect with partners through a networked marketplace is essential for collaborating to solve today’s unprecedented supply chain challenges. Information about ingredients and supply chain partners flows instantly using intelligence and automation. Our patented PostOnce™ technology allows authorised stakeholders to share and receive vital information, precisely when, where, and how they need to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

Brands collaborate on over 484,000 ingredients/items from more than 69,000 global supply chain locations, with over 7,900,000 supplier items and documents,  creating greater agility, resilience, and joined sustainability within the business ecosystem that masters the modern supply chain.