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Our Partners

Charpak has been designing and manufacturing innovative, world class thermoformed plastic packaging for over 30 years.

Charpak adds value to brand owners, retailers and manufacturers through developing and manufacturing bespoke packaging solutions.

We are confident we offer clients the best possible packaging solution for their products and brands.

Our focus is on designing packaging that enhances product on-shelf, driving your sales. Additionally, designing manufacturing solutions, transit and WIP trays for food manufacturers has won our clients prestigious awards.

Our award-winning design team are experts in the latest technology, producing full rendered photo-realistic visual drawings. Helping you visualise and make decisions on how your products will look on-shelf.

Charpak provides the complete packaging end-to-end solution with all design, prototypes and manufacturing completed in-house. Working in collaboration with our clients throughout the NPD process Charpak guarantee products we design are fully manufacturable. With tight quality control at every stage of the process our clients have absolute confidence in achieving launch dates and deadlines.

Charpak plays to our strengths. The company knows its market and provides excellent client support. In house tooling and prototyping adds value to clients packaging and the brands. Our creativity in packaging design combined with our manufacturing expertise supports your business goals of repositioning product, enhancing sales and improving margins.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability of packaging is core to our business; Designing the right packaging, fit for purpose with end of life considerations or secondary home use are a core element of the Charpak design brief.

Our company ethos is to source UK produced recycled material with full food contact approval. We see packaging reduction as something positive for our business.

As forward-thinking market leaders Charpak are accredited to the BRC/IOP standard for food packaging and ISO 9001-2008. Round the clock production ensures a rapid response for short or long production runs, or samples for product trials, consumer testing and marketing purposes.
Charpak has evolved to embrace everything you’d expect from a visionary 21st century packaging company.

To find out how Charpak can help you achieve your business goals, speak with Justin Kempson and the Charpak team.

Impact Research is a full-service market research consultancy. Operating globally, we specialise in food, drink and nutrition research.

We use active listening to ensure a deeper conversation with our clients to maximise overall success. We help them to face the challenges of both their current and future marketplace through tailored, innovative solutions, enabling them to get closer to customers and more readily understand both the conscious and unconscious (implicit) influences behind their decision making.

Our tailored solutions benefit hugely from the involvement of our in-house advanced analytics team. They also enable us to synthesise secondary data sets such as transactional and market data, to further enhancing our ability to generate creative insights from the final data.

We maximise our clients’ return on investment by ensuring that the insights and recommendations we generate are both succinct and actionable.

For more information please visit www.impactmr.com, email stuart.grant@impactmr.com or speak to us on 01932 226793


MMR champions the physical elements of the marketing mix – the product and the pack.

We harness sensory science to create propositions that go beyond liking, and deliver meaning at a deeper, more emotional level. We call this approach Sensory Branding. It’s an approach that offers enormous potential for more engaging brand experiences.

MMR has unrivalled experience across food & drink, household and personal care sectors, operating for nearly 30 years and with an expanding global footprint.

We’re driven by our passion for grocery, our persistent inquisitiveness and a mission to fuse sensory science and consumer data for real commercial impact.

Recent innovations include RETREATS – immersive co-creation to hot house new ideas and accelerate early stages of development and MMR EXPRESS – a suite of research tools that will bring agility to any project.

Talk to us www.mmr-research.com


Toluna is a leading provider of on-demand consumer insights, empowering companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and get answers to questions in real time. With its innovative business concept, Insights On Demand™, Toluna is transforming the future of market research, making consumer intent instantly accessible and understandable for companies of all sizes across multiple industries.

Toluna’s end-to-end automated research platform combines advanced technology and industry-proven methodologies with on-demand access to the world’s largest community of 14+ million consumers in 68 countries. The company is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut and has over 21 offices in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and MENA.


VYPR is a data science platform designed to turn product innovation into a repeatable science, ensuring successful outcomes of the product development cycle every single time. The technology is designed to improve stakeholder decision-making around innovation, lower the cost of developing the innovation, and improve the performance of the innovation once it launches.