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In 1 Exciting, Virtual Day, Discover How 16 Leading Alcohol & Drink Brands Are Boosting Results With Exciting, Profitable Products... Many More Speakers To Come!

Monetise Alcohol Shopper Strategies & Product Trends & Innovations For Exciting, Profitable Products – On & Off Trade: 360° Market Insights As Alcohol Trends Hit The Reset Button! Retailers, Beers, Wines, Spirits, Sommeliers, On-Trade & Non-Alcoholic. The Alcohol Trends & Innovations Virtual Day, 13th January 2021Download the brochure here >>

09.00 GIC Welcome & Chairs' Opening Remarks

Morten Sorensen
ISH Spirits

Hot New Trends & Insights

09.20 Stay Ahead Of The Game With The Latest Trends & Insights Into The Future Of This Fast-Paced Category

  • From low and no to premiumisation, what are the latest trends dictating which alcoholic products fly off the shelves?
  • What are the next phases to build on the dynamic shifts in the market, and where does this leave the big anchor brands?
  • How can you monetise the hottest emerging flavours and ingredients within the adult drinks industry?

Sam Warren
Senior Buyer - Beer & Cider

COVID UPDATE - Double Perspective

09.40 From Main Estate Bulk Shops To The Online Boom & The Loss Of POS In On Trade… Keep Up With The Latest Alcohol Trends To Capitalise On Every Opportunity

  • What’s happened to the shopper since March 2020? Draw actionable strategies from evolving consumer psychologies… with shopper marketing strategies turned on their heads, just how can we accurately plan ahead?
  • Will there be a dry spell following the initial lockdown binge?
  • How do we continue to win in FMCG in a recession when consumer purse strings are tightened?

09.30 Darren Macaskill
Global Head of Brand and Marketing
Silent Pool Distillers


09.50 Joseph Walker
Category Buyer - Beer & Cider

On-Trade Insights

10.20 From The 10PM Curfew To Table Service Only: Innovative Methods To Deliver Memorable On-Trade Experiences & Increase Sales

  • What can on trade do to combat the pull of the sofa and COVID concerns to create welcoming, safe environments where consumers feel comfortable?
  • With the loss of POS and menus on phones, how can alcohol brands stand out to on-trade consumers?
  • From product to pricing, how can alcohol brands best protect their interests but still drive sales with low-risk but exciting offerings?
  • On-trade relationships: how do you maintain strong trading relationships when flexibility and agility has never been more crucial?

Niall Gately
Global On-Trade & Portfolio Visibility Director
Pernod Ricard

 10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Craft Beer

11.10 The trend that’s here to stay? BrewDog will share unique insights on where the craft beer trend currently sits, what innovations and challenges are impacting performance, and what the future might look like for this exciting category.

Ben Lockwood
UK On Trade Marketing Manager



11.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Emerging & Future Alcohol Trends – Panel Discussion

11.45 Looking To The Future: Products, Formats, Flavours, Alcohol Content, Experiences… What Are The Alcohol Trends Of 2021 & Beyond?

  • Has Covid-19 completely hit the reset button on alcohol trends and how has this impacted our long-term strategies?
  • What are consumers looking for? What are the saturated markets to stand out in and where are we seeing the niches open up? And what about On Trade?
  • When will sustainability rise to top of the list again? Where are people shopping and what impact will high unemployment and another recession have on the market? Join the panel to explore some of the most impactful trends of the last few months and look to the future.

Eric Sampers
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Illogical Drinks Co.


Charlie Markland
Founder/Managing Director
Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer 4% Alc.




12.15 Gin Analysis & Flavour Pairings

  • Using analytical extraction techniques and Gaschromatography - Massspectometry, we are able to isolate and identify flavour compounds from alcoholic beverages and define their likely natural origin
  • Based on this data, we use a flavour pairing approach to create flavour profiles complementing the individual alcoholic beverage
  • Identifying key flavour compounds in alcoholic beverages like gin together with experience brought by the Flavour Creation and Application team enables us to create exciting and versatile flavour profiles which are perfectly paired with the product

Charlotte Spitzner
Flavour Research Analyst
Synergy Flavours


Vicky Berry

European Business Development Manager
Synergy Flavours

Winning Low & No

12.30 How The Alcohol-Free Boom Is Winning With Innovative Products That Excite Consumers

  • Meet Morten Sorensen, Founder of ISH Spirits, and hear how their journey into low & no has catapulted over the past 18 months
  • What does the future look like for ‘low & no’ alcoholic drinks?
  • How are the familiar flavours obtained, and should the flavours be familiar at all?
  • How to retain an adult flavour profile and premium feel that speaks to the target group

Morten Sorensen
ISH Spirits


12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Partners & Speakers 

13.30 Chairs' Afternoon Remarks

The Next Gen

13.40 Millennials Move Over! Understand Generation Z’s Attitudes Towards Alcohol & Emerging Trends To Drive Product Innovation & Future-Proof Your Category

  • Flavours, formats, packaging… just what is the younger generation looking for in an adult drink?
  • How do sweeping Gen Z trends such as health, social consciousness, sustainability impact their alcohol choices?
  • From student lockdown in halls to socially-distanced pub visits to Zoom parties: which brands have been performing well during the pandemic – and can we unpick just why that is?

Caitriona Murphy
Global Senior Brand Manager - Innovation
The Absolut Company

Case Study

14.00 Sustainability In The Wine Industry

What is the current state of sustainability in the wine industry? From boxed, bagged and canned wines to transportation and refrigeration, what are wine manufacturers doing to combat environmental damage and impress sustainability-conscious consumers?

David Burlton DipWSET
Head Sommelier Harrogate & Newcastle
Hotel du Vin


Online & Digital Disruption – Panel Discussion

14.20 As The World Has Had To Go Digital, How Can You Best Pivot Your Alcohol Business For Enduring Online Sales Success?

  • How can different alcohol categories best perform online?
  • From side banners to click throughs to images and pack size, how can you bring alcohol to life online?
  • I want it and I want it now! How can different alcohol categories capitalise on the rise of immediate grocery and the likes of Chop-Chop, Deliveroo and Uber Eats?
  • What role does direct-to-consumer e-commerce have to play? Is the set up and extra logistics really worth it over forming new partnerships?

Nigel Carlos
Head of Marketing
6 O'clock Gin



14.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Beer

B) Wine      

C) Gin         

D) Cannabis & CBD

E) Low Alcohol Spirits

F) Whiskey

G) Mixers

H) Hard Seltzer

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Case Study

15.50 Sustainable Wine Packaging Solutions For The 21st Century

  • Innovative and engaging packaging, using the right materials responsibly, for a world-class product
  • Redesigning primary and secondary packaging to ensure triple bottom line sustainability

Eleanor Brooker
Marketing Manager
Garçon Wines

Case Study

16.10 Launching Into Chaos: From Building Site To Pack On Shelf. Key Insights Into The Journey To Launch Torabhaig Single Malt Whisky In A Constantly Changing Landscape

  • What does it take to create a new Single Malt in the Hebrides? A brand launch 7 years in the making, and 20+ years in the planning
  • Finding your truth - How you can define your brand before you have product, then take stock to evolve your brand once you do?
  • The role of design In 2020 - Make design work for you to express your truth and define your brand
  • Using trends wisely - Strengthen your brand’s presence and relevance without losing sight of what makes you unique

Chris Dumont
Head of Brand Design
Mossburn Distillers

Innovation Case Study: CBD Gin

16.30 Innovation Case Study: CBD Gin

  • It’s undoubtably a hot trend for 2020, but how do you actually launch a cannabis brand into the market?
  • What are the challenges in formulation, product development and compliant marketing when it comes to CBD products?
  • Which markets are open to CBD and hemp infused spirits?

Craig Hutchison


16.50 Chairs' Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference