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In This "New Normal", Alcohol Is Still Top Of The Priority List! But How Will Current Trends Evolve? Will On-Trade Ever Fully Recover? How Can You Optimise Off-Trade Sales? 

Monetise Alcohol Trends & Innovations For Exciting, Profitable Products: ✓ Emerging Trends & Flavours ✓ Low & No ✓ Craft Beer ✓ Sustainability ✓ Packaging ✓ On-Trade Insights ✓ Soft Drinks & Mixers ✓ International Trends & Influences ✓ CBD ✓ (G)innovation! The Alcohol Trends & Innovations Workshop Day, 13th January 2021, London.
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Monetise Alcohol Trends & Innovations For Exciting, Profitable Products:

  1. Capitalise On The Hottest Trends, Flavours & Ingredients: Get up-to-date on the latest consumer crazes to get ahead of the competition
  2. What Does The Future Hold For Low & No, Soft Drinks & Mixers? Where do the innovations opportunities lie for the alcohol industry?
  3. Sustainable, High-Impact Packaging Solutions: Impress today’s environmentally conscious consumer with sustainable packaging that doesn’t compromise on design
  4. Craft Beer: The Trend That’s Here To Stay? Unlock potential for innovation in this exciting category!
  5. Create Stand-Out On-Trade Experiences: Hit rising consumers demands with memorable on-trade experiences for loyal customers and boosted sales
  6. Monetise Fresh International Trends & Ingredients: Create exciting, profitable new products with worldwide ingredients & flavours
  7. PLUS! Innovation Case Study: CBD Gin Snapshot

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Chair’s Opening Remarks

09.10 Meet & Greet Get to know your fellow delegates – what are you hoping to get out of today’s sessions?

Hot New Trends & Insights

09.20 Stay Ahead Of The Game With The Latest Trends & Insights Into The Future Of This Fast-Paced Category

  • From low and no to premiumisation, what are the latest trends dictating which alcoholic products fly off the shelves?
  • What are the next phases to build on the dynamic shifts in the market, and where does this leave the big anchor brands?
  • How can you monetise the hottest emerging flavours and ingredients within the adult drinks industry?

Sam Senior
Buyer - Beer & Cider

Winning Low & No

09.50 How The Alcohol-Free Boom Is Winning With Innovative Products That Excite Consumers

  • Meet Morten Sorensen, Founder of ISH Spirits, and hear how their journey into low & no has catapulted over the past 18 months
  • What does the future look like for ‘low & no’ alcoholic drinks?
  • How are the familiar flavours obtained, and should the flavours be familiar at all?
  • How to retain an adult flavour profile and premium feel that speaks to the target group

Morten Sorensen
ISH Spirits




10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Craft Beer

10.50 The trend that’s here to stay? BrewDog will share unique insights on where the craft beer trend currently sits, what innovations and challenges are impacting performance, and what the future might look like for this exciting category.

Ben Lockwood
UK On Trade Marketing Manager




11.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Case Study

11.50 Sustainable Wine Packaging Solutions For The 21st Century

  • Innovative and engaging packaging, using the right materials responsibly, for a world-class product
  • Redesigning primary and secondary packaging to ensure triple bottom line sustainability

Eleanor Brooker
Marketing Manager
Garçon Wines



12.20 Lunch For Delegates, Partners & Speakers 

13.20 Chair’s Afternoon Remarks

On-Trade Insights

13.30 Hit Rising Consumer Demands With Memorable On-Trade Experiences For Loyal Customers And Increased Sales

  • From food pairings to scientific cocktails to the newest Riesling, what are diners and pub-goers demanding from the on-trade sector?
  • How are the latest on-trade developments feeding into the retail market?
  • Whether you’re at the pump, providing tasters or mixology demonstrations - what on-trade experiences can you provide to give that extra special feel?
  • How are new 3rd spaces disrupting the classic pub and bar experience?

Speaker to be announced.

Soft Drinks & Mixers

14.00 What’s New In The World Of Soft Drinks & Where Are The Innovation Opportunities & Learnings For The Alcohol Industry?

  • What does the future hold for non-alcoholic beverages?
  • What key learnings and insights can be taken from the soft drink industry and applied to alcoholic products?
  • What’s up and coming in mixability trends? Which spirits will consumers be excited about in the future and which mixers pair with them?
  • Kombucha, natural wines, reduced sugar: with health-conscious consumers expecting more and more healthy products – how can you successfully innovate in this area and cash in on this here-to-stay trend?

Speaker to be announced.

Delegate Debate

14.30 Fads vs. Trends: Jumping On The Bandwagon Vs. Making Innovation Stick?

International Trends & Influences

14.50 Monetise On Exciting International Trends, Flavours & Ingredients To Create Hot New Products That Impress Consumers And Fly Off The Shelves

  • What are the new international flavours and ingredients to watch that will be hitting the British shelves and bars for 2020?
  • How can you successfully translate worldwide flavours into the UK market?

Speaker to be announced.

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.50 Innovation Case Study: CBD Gin

  • It’s undoubtably a hot trend for 2020, but how do you actually launch a cannabis brand into the market?
  • What are the challenges in formulation, product development and compliant marketing when it comes to CBD products?
  • Which markets are open to CBD and hemp infused spirits?

Speaker to be announced.

Case Study

16.20 Sustainability In The Wine Industry

What is the current state of sustainability in the wine industry? From boxed, bagged and canned wines to transportation and refrigeration, what are wine manufacturers doing to combat environmental damage and impress sustainability-conscious consumers?

David Burlton DipWSET
Head Sommelier Harrogate & Newcastle
Hotel du Vin

Practical Takeaways

16.50 Reflect on the day’s sessions with your peers: what are the key trends & insights you’ve taken from today, and how can they be practically implemented into your innovation strategy?

17.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference