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The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference Programme

Harness The Latest Multi-Channel Consumer & Retailing Insights To Monetise Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Which Excite, Engage & Capture Customer Attention: Drive Sales Both In-Store & Online With Profitable Future-Facing, Consumer-Focused Communication Strategies

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 17th May 2017, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London. Download The Brochure Here.

Brand-Led Case Studies, 26 Senior Speakers In One Compact Day: Trends & Innovations • Health Trends • Sugar Reduction • Packaging Design • NPD • International Trends • The Next Big Thing: Experts Q&A • Retailer Views • Digital Visibility & Impact • Social Media • Marketing Innovation • Trends Spotlight

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Speed Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting & Chair’s Opening Remarks
Colin Campbell
Product Development
Wessanen UKKallo, Clipper Teas, Whole Earth


09.15 Harnessing The Latest Health Trends To Design & Market Nutritious, Healthy Products Which Align With Consumer Perceptions & Concerns

  • Tackling consumer concerns around sugar and how the baby food segment has reacted to health trends
  • What does the future of healthy baby food look like? Assessing the current and future nutrition trends and insights which will give rise to tomorrow’s products
  • Ensure your products appeal to consumers and aren’t perceived as overtly ‘healthy’ or ‘tasteless’

Victoria Goodall
Understands How Mums & Dads Shop
Ella’s Kitchen


09.35 Evaluating & Adapting To Changing Consumer Food & Drink Trends Today, Tomorrow & 3 Years From Now

  • What will the consumers of tomorrow actually want? Analysing and interpreting the latest trends to stay relevant and excite!
  • Understanding varied consumer demographics and their consumption habits, from millennials to the grey market, for targeted NPD which reaps profit in these growth markets
  • Identifying consumer trends through testing and research into current trends and how to fine-tune this cost effectively for your company size
  • Assessing consumer perceptions and shopper habits to invest your resources and development into long-term food and drink trends, not passing fads


Steve Love
Principal Research Chef
McCormick & Company

10.05 The Rise Of Automation – Does Concept Testing Work In A Real-Time World?

  • Highlighting how changing business needs and a more digital world has impacted modern day testing backgrounds
  • Spotlighting the efficiency requirements needed for modern concept testing in terms of automation, sample & output
  • Reviewing how the PowerConcept can be used to benefit product development
  • Showcasing real life studies where using the method has led to successful product development

Richie Heron
Director, Digital Research Science

10.25 Key Sector Trend Spotlights

A) Gluten Free
Al Overton
Head of Buying
Planet Organic Ltd – Retailer

B) NPD For The Foodservice Industry
John Want
Marketing Director
Adelie Foods

C) Premiumisation
Paul Lister
Shopper Insight Manager
Pernod Ricard


10.45 Mid-Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.15 Align Consumer Perceptions & Technical Innovations Around Sugar Reduction For Products Which Succeed On The Shelf

  • From stevia to brazzein to monk fruit; the lessons learned on the ingredients and methods available to successfully lower sugar levels in your products, without affecting taste
  • Understanding the government position on sugar levels and consumer perceptions for reduced sugar products that adhere to government standards and succeed commercially
  • Tapping into consumers concerns around sugar and their perceptions around the alternatives – from artificial to natural sweeteners – to design and market products consumers will buy
  • Looking at government policy and future legislation around new ingredients that could be allowed in the UK market

11.15 Perspective One
David Ross
Head of Category

  • Consumer trends: What’s driving the change in consumption patterns of soft drinks and how fast can industry keep innovating to drive further growth in the better-for-you category?
  • Is reducing sugar a commercial decision or a moral imperative?
  • Consumer perceptions of sugar, sweeteners and sweetness: should the soft drinks industry be doing more to communicate to consumers and health professionals alike about the innovation that it is doing to enable healthier food choices as well as the complex process of reformulation?
  • A year out from the introduction of the first sugar levy in the UK, how do you see the retailing of the category changing?

11.30 Perspective Two – Fire Side Chat
Paul Graham
GB Managing Director
Britvic Soft Drinks


11.45 The Circular Economy & What It Means For Packaging Design
Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Packaging Innovation Lead
12.05 Innovation; One Size Does Not Fit All
Paul Gaskell
Managing Director
The Value Engineers


12.20 Harnessing Trends, Flavours & Cuisines From Across The Globe To Capture UK Consumer Attention

  • Top tips on understanding which food and drink products are trending around the world and growing in different markets to successfully translate them into real opportunities
  • From Asia to Latin America to Japan and beyond: where exactly should we be looking for the next big flavour and cuisine trends we can harness for our future innovation strategies?
  • Given the influence of the USA on the UK market, what American food and drink trends and innovations should we be taking note of that will be a big hit with UK consumers in the future

Nimisha Raja
Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Sean Burlinson
Independent Food Specialist

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For All Attendees

13.10 Key Sector Trend Spotlights

A) The Role Of System 1 Thinking Across Product And Pack
Susannah Croucher
Research Director
MMR Research Worldwide

B) Asian Trends
Simon Day
Chief Noodle

C) Salt

D) Packaging

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Colin Campbell
Product Development

Wessanen UK – Kallo, Clipper Teas, Whole Earth


13.45 Expert Q&A Panel
Get inspired by chefs, food bloggers, futurologists and flavour experts for their advice on what will take off and be the next big thing in food and drink.

Emma Macdonald
Managing Director
The Bay Tree Food Co Ltd

Fred Ponnavoy
Head Chef

Paul Colback, Head of Concept
Stores & Innovation (Interim)
The Co-op


14.15 Push The Design Envelope, But Consider The Environmental Impact
Justin Kempson
Sales Director


14.30 Being Brave With Health Trends To Identify Commercial Opportunities
Whitworths will share their insights into harnessing health trends and consumer insights whilst tackling category challenges to develop commercially-successful healthy products.

Phil Gowland
Marketing Director


14.50 Align Product & Innovation Strategies With Customer Needs In Long-Term, Win-Win Retailer Relationships

  • Understanding what retailers expect and need from manufacturers to develop long-term relationships which ensure your food and drink innovation strategies align with retailer requirements from the outset
  • Key advice on developing two-way, collaborative relationships between manufacturers and retailers which harness both NPD expertise and consumer insights for lasting business success
  • How can manufacturers better align their strategies with retailers and what are the retailer’s predictions and plans for future food and drink trends and innovations?
  • With retailers rationalising their ranges, where are the categories

14.50 Mike Harding
Grocery Channel Director
Lucozade Ribena Suntory

15.05 Richard Dennett
Senior Buyer – Beers, Cider, Spirits
The Co-op

Al Overton
Head of Buying
Planet Organic Ltd – Retailer

Lisa Sohanpal
Founder, Food Lover & CEO
Nom Noms World Foods

Anderson Maia
Sales Director, EMEA
Trax Image Recognition


15.25 Food Trends Beyond The London Bubble

  • Events in 2016 shone a light on how those living in London can hold a world view that is markedly different from the rest of the UK
  • Mercifully this isn’t a political presentation, but an insight into how those same discrepancies can flavour the nation’s divisions when it comes to food and drink tastes
  • Following a detailed study, completed in April, leading communications agency Bray Leino has a number of important insights to share on how these divisions play out across the nation, covering key issues including healthy eating, provenance, craft brands, organic and functional foods
  • This is the study’s first public viewing. Some of the results confirmed intuitive expectations. Some were a surprise. Together they provide a number of important insights into how we can more effectively market food and drink brands around the UK

Anna Donaghey
Head of Planning
Bray Leino

Austen Donnellan
Business Director
Bray Leino

15.40 Key Sector Trend Spotlights

A) Free From
Alastair Jessel
Former Founder
Taywell Ice Creams

B) Restaurant Trends
Anna Fenten
Head of Marketing, Compass Group Sport, Leisure & Hospitality
Levy Restaurants UK

C) Fibre

D) Sustainability

15.55 Mid-Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.25 Translating & Developing Key Trends Into Customer-Focused NPD To Stay At The Forefront Of Food & Drink Innovations

  • Harnessing the latest ingredients and flavours to ensure your food and drink products continually drive business success
  • Capitalise on the rise in consumer demand for healthy products with nutrition-focused NPD that meets customer expectations
  • Tap into consumer needs and lifestyles to position your brand as truly innovative with insight-led product development
  • Understanding guidelines and legislation around ingredients,additives and health concerns to meet government standards

Scott Chassels
Managing Director


16.45 Capitalise On Social Media Trends To Excite & Engage Consumers & Achieve Demonstrable Results

  • Creating engaging social media content for the platforms which fit your brand for effective social media strategies which capture consumer attention and boost brand presence
  • Getting to grips with how consumers are thinking and sharing their experiences of food and drink online to develop products that tap into the social media sharing trend
  • Develop and implement robust measurement strategies which demonstrate the ROI of your social media activities to win support and buy-in across the business
  • Boost your online presence and drive brand visibility with key methods of tracking food and drink trends across platforms to remain up-to-date with the newest social developments

Andy Thompson
Social Media Manager
Iceland Foods


17.05 Optimising Marketing Both Online & In-store To Secure Consumer Attention & Drive Sales In A Competitive Market

  • From in-store to online, which channels are really working best for food and drink marketing in 2017 and beyond?
  • Key insights into developing effective campaigns which align across the multi-channel mix without breaking the bank
  • Practical techniques for developing tailored and exciting content which cuts through the noise and engages consumers on a personal level to increase your brand following
  • Winning strategies for implementing channel measurement techniques to critically assess what is delivering the most value for your business and where you need to improve

Roberto Bellinzona
European Category Director
Nomad Foods Europe

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference Day

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference, please email info@foodanddrinkconference.com.